The Ultimate Server Spoofer

Enhance your server with our stealth spoofing solution and make your server the most appealing one.

A faster way to grow your server.


Our spoofer is highly rated and known by many, which is why we're the go-to solution for increased server growth.


Our system allows developers to create their own modules to further interact with Spoof.


Unlike our competitors, we strive to ensure we create a solution that has a huge impact on your servers success.


Our solution is built to remain unnoticed by your server staff, and can only be seen by whitelisted members.

“I cannot thank Spoof enough, it's helped my server grow so quickly due to its realistic looking players”


The ultimate solution to faster growth.

Spoofing makes your server the enticing one to join.

Lifetime Copy
$150 one-time

You'll receive a lifetime version of Spoof, which can be ran on any of your servers.

  • Lifetime access.

  • Source code access.

Source Code
$300 one-time

You'll receive the source code to Spoof, allowing for personal customisation.

  • Lifetime access.

  • Source code access.

Due to a lack of time the project has since been halted, the below options have been changed to accommodate it. This means no support will be provided, and it doesn't include re-sell or re-distribution permission.
If you still wish to purchase either options, please add me on Discord at Chazza#0037 to buy.

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